Zsuzsi Bánkuti

Head of Cutting Edge Talent Camp

Zsuzsi Bánkuti started as head of acquisition and programming for an independent cinema and distribution company (Cirko Film) in Budapest in 2000. She organized film festivals, programmed film clubs and directed the cinema programme. In 2009, she co-founded Szuez Film (and Kino theatre). After ten years, she became the president of the board at Cirko Film and advised many Hungarian independent productions regarding worldwide festival and distribution strategy. In 2012, she moved to Cologne to work as head of acquisition at The Match Factory where she oversaw most of the independent film productions, sales activities, festival and marketing strategy as well as some of its film production and development. Besides her involvement with the IFFMH she started to work for the Open Doors section at the Locarno IFF as a Talent Development Manager overseeing new talents coming from the focused territories. Since 2022 she is head of Open Doors as ad interim continuing the program after Sophie Bourdon’s departure. Beside that she works as a consultant on international strategies for Doha Film Institute, Torino Film Lab and Cinemart.

Zsuzsi BánkutiHead Of Cutting Edge Talent Campzsuzsi.bankuti[at]iffmh.de